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"10 reasons to pick our Bhattidanda Fresh & Natural Homestay."

  • Tamang culture and traditions are the heart and soul of the Homestay. You will be living with a Tamang family, eating Tamang food, learning about their culture and even, living their culture!
  • A closer peek into the Himalayas is reason enough to visit Bhattidanda. Imagine waking up to that view! All of our rooms have a spectacular view of the mountains. Sunrise and sunsets are especially beautiful!
  • Food served to you is locally produced by the community and directly purchased from the farmers.
  • Liked the aloo ko achaar and the saag? Phul Maya didi will not only share her recipe, but teach you how to cook as well!
  • If you want to get a taste of agriculture, you can follow Phul Maya didi to her field to see how crops are grown.
  • The village in itself is very peaceful. Take a walk around trees, enjoy the tranquility, learn about the village, and interact with the local community.
  • Despite being a small village, there are many stories and storytellers! Two elderly women aged above 80, love sharing their tales!
  • If you love hiking, you can choose from short hikes (lasting an hour) to long ones (lasting a full day).
  • You can participate and contribute in many community based projects during your stay.
  • Tamang culture is best explored through its ethnic wear, dance and instruments. All of these are available in the homestay, ready for you to explore!

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Location and Contact

The village of Bhattidanda is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Dhulikhel Bus Park. You can either walk (30 Minutes) or ride (10 minutes) to the homestay. If necessary, we can pick you up from Dhulikhel Bus Park. Dhulikhel is at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Kathmandu, totaling to an hour’s ride in a taxi, or 90 minutes in a bus.

  9841427881 (Akash Tamang)/ 011-490411
      Dhulikhel-8, Kavre

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